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Child Recipes
By Christine Steendahl
Recipes Your Child Will Love
Child friendly recipes can be fun to prepare. Fruits and vegetables can be used in recipes for little ones. These ingredients can add a fun element to kid's meals. Finding kid recipes that children can make for themselves provides them a feeling of accomplishment. Let the kids select the fruits and veggies that you utilizefor the kid recipes listed below.

Getting little ones to consume fruit can be easy when we make it adventurous and exciting. Since fruit should be a staple in every family's menu, let the little ones pick what fruits they use to prepare a cool and interesting fruit pizza project.

You may be surprised by the fruits they pick at the farmer's market.
Let the kids pick what fruits and veggies they want for their at
home project.

Choose exciting or colorful fruits at the store or farmers' market,
then set the children loose creating interesting faces on this tasty fruit pizza.
Chances are, they'll snack as they create--and love what they taste.

Choose fruits in an assortment

of hues and sizes. Let the kids adorn the pizza with fun faces or make other shapes on this colorful and fun pizza.


*Ready to bake piecrust

*1/2 cup fat free or low fat cream cheese
*1tablespoon sugar
*1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
*1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
*1 tablespoon 1% milk

Choose strawberries for the nose, kiwi fruit or seedless grapes for the eyes, a banana for the mouth. The choices for making shapes are only limited by their imaginations. The kids can opt for pineapples, mandarin oranges or any fruit they want.

1. Let the piecrust come to room temperature per the package instructions

2. Unfold it onto a large cookie sheet or pizza pan.

3. Roll up edges of the crust, crimping them slightly so that they'll stay rolled up.
4. Prick the crust lightly with a fork in about 20 places(allowing air to escape).

5. Bake the crust in a preheated 450 degree oven for about 9 minutes or
until it's lightly browned.

6. Remove from the crust from the oven

To Prepare the Filling:

1. Whisk together cream cheese ,sugar, and vanilla extract, lemon juice
2. Add just enough milk to the mix to make it spreadable onto the crust.

*Allow the crust to cool.
*Smooth the cream-cheese mixture with a rubber spatula,
*Smooth to the edge of the crust

Now its time for the kids to get involved.

*Let the kids to arrange the fruit onto the cream cheese mixture.
Don't worry if it is not exact. It is perfectly nutritious and fun.
Little ones may opt to add sprinkles. Let their imaginations go wild.

*Refrigerate the pizza for at least 1 hour
*Slice with a sharp knife and serve

The children will be antsy and want to eat the pizza right away.
This pizza cream cheese mixture is almost set but will cut easier when refrigerated. Let the kids help you with the cleanup. They will be antsy to taste their creation.

For a fun 13 week menu featuring little one friendly recipes for breakfast and lunch visit www.kidapprovedmeals.com.


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