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Chocolate Recipes And Memories
By Dave Owen
Everyone has a favorite chocolate recipe that is dragged out for the holidays or other special occasions. Friends and family beg you to share your delectable and sinful recipe, but so far you just havenít been quite ready. When you decide to take the leap, here are some suggestions to get the best effect.

Chocolate Recipe Gift Basket

Gift baskets are very popular especially around the holidays, so make a few of your best chocolate recipes and put samples in a small basket along with nicely decorated recipe cards and serving suggestions. If you really want to make the basket special, include some of the dry ingredients in mason jars and attach the recipe card to the jar. This makes a lovely holiday gift or a shower gift for a new bride or bride to be.

Chocolate Recipe Memory Book

Every family recipe has a memory or story behind it and chocolate recipes are usually a favored and special

moment in families. Create a scrapbook or memory book and include your chocolate recipes along with family memories, stories and even a picture or two.

Thanks to the internet and the many creations that one can find on a computer, there are many ideas to make the book special. If you have a child about to leave home, put a book together for your child along with stories of your favorite memories from their childhood that surround those chocolate recipes.

Maybe your recipe has a history. Was it Great Grandmaís recipe possibly handed down from her great grandma? Have there been changes in the recipe over the years? Or, possibly Uncle Joe asked for a goodie box with those chocolate delights while he was serving in the Army in some Godforsaken place.

Chocolate seems to bring people together, and with those people come wonderful memories to be cherished. Sharing those memories along with the recipes will bring joy to many generations to come, and help create a family history for the young ones who are not yet old enough to understand how important that history will be at some point in their lives.

When you share your chocolate recipes you are sharing a part of yourself with those who matter most to you. Enjoy your chocolate recipes with your family and friends while creating new memories.

Dave Owen is the webmaster of cooking recipe information To get more information about the recipes to use for cooking, visit recipes.lookwhatsfordinner.com/ To find “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cooking!” visit Cooking Guide



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