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How To Cook For A Healthier You
By Tony Robinson, Tue Jan 10th

When it comes to healthy eating, sometimes how you cook is justas important as what you eat. There are definitely healthy, andless healthy, ways to prepare the healthy foods you buy.

When it comes to cooking vegetables, it is always best to use aslittle water as possible. That is because over cooking,especially when boiling, can destroy some of the importantnutrients that make vegetables so important.

The best way to cook most vegetables in the microwave,preferably in a special microwave vegetable steamer. Vegetablescan also be lightly cooked in a microwave safe bowl, using aslittle water as possible.

Vegetables can be cooked on the stove top as well, but it isimportant to use as little water as possible when boilingvegetables. Vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts areparticularly susceptible to losing important nutrients.

Microwave ovens are also great for making other vegetables,especially baked potatoes. Baked potatoes get great in themicrowave, with the skins getting nice and crispy and the fleshbeing very tender. Of course this means that less high fattoppings may be needed, so the microwave is a great way to makenutritious and delicious baked potatoes.

Grilling is another great way to make healthy, delicious meals.Grilling meats is a great, low fat way to prepare meats, and itis a great way to make vegetables and fruits as well. Vegetablekebobs are great on the grill, whether combined with lean

cutsof meat or made into a meal of their own.

Your oven's broiler is another great way to create low fatmeals. Broiling is a great way to prepare all kinds of meats andseafood, and broiling is a low fat cooking method as well.Broiling fish is a great, fast and easy way to prepare thisstaple of a healthy low fat diet, while broiling steaks andchops keep fat at a minimum while keeping taste at its highest.

The handy kitchen blender is another great way to createdelicious snacks using healthy fruits and vegetables. Blendersare great for making fruit smoothies, and most recipes call forlittle more than crushed ice, fruit juice and fresh fruit.

Some great, high nutrition, low fat, low calorie meals requireno preparation at all. For instance, it is possible to make awonderful, and easy, fruit salad with just a can of mandarinoranges, an apple, some strawberries and a banana. Simply openthe can of mandarin oranges, empty it into a bowl, along withthe juice it is packed in. Then add banana slices, apples slicesand strawberries. For extra color and taste, add someblueberries, raspberries or raisins. The total prep time forthis great creation is all of five minutes.

Fruit skewers are another creative, healthy and easy meal orsnack. Simply take shish kebob skewers and stack them full ofmelon slices, strawberries, red grapes, white grapes and chunksof pineapple. Plain nonfat yogurt makes an excellent and low fatdip.

In addition to the above ideas, making your own homemade salsais a great way to create a low fat alternative to sour cream andother high fat dips. Salsa can be made using healthy ingredientslike tomatoes, mangoes, avocados, onions, cilantro and limejuice.

In addition, perking up a plain salad is a great way to add evenmore fruits and vegetables to an already healthy diet. Forexample, use broccoli florets, carrot slices, slices ofcucumber, green peppers, red peppers, and bean sprouts to addcolor, zest and flavor to any salad.

Cucumbers, green peppers, broccoli and carrots are also greatadditions to pasta salads and potato salads. Adding extra crunchand color is a great way to add zest to any meal or snack.

Even a plain green salad of lettuce and tomatoes can be enhancedthrough the use of colorful fruits and vegetables. Addingvegetables like carrots, bean sprouts, and spinach leaves, andfruits like mandarin oranges, apple slices, nectarine slices,grapes, apple slices, pineapples and raisins, adds both beautyand taste to any salad.

Of course salad dressing is always an important subject forthose trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. High fat dressingcan sabotage even the healthiest salad, but there are manyexcellent, low fat and healthy choices when it comes to toppinga salad. Using flavored vinegars, herbs and fruit juices arenovel approaches to salad dressing, in addition to the manynonfat and low fat versions of commercial salad dressing.


About the author:Tony Robinson is a Company CEO, webmaster husband and dad. Inhis busy lifestyle he has placed importance on health andfitness. Visit http://www.eat-healthily.com for good eating tipsand techniques to assist you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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