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By Grant Eckert
If you were to look at the average person's diet, you might be surprised at what you find. Though we have access to more fruits and vegetables than ever before, more of us are turning to processed foods as the mainstay of our eating habits. As we do this, we are changing not only the health of our bodies, but also our life expectancies. From kids to adults, we all need a lesson in how to change this new way of life.

Why are We All Missing Out?

There are a number of reasons why kids and adults are missing out on their veggies:

  • Convenience - Most vegetables do require that you cut and wash then before they can go into a pot to be cooked or to be steamed. In today's busy times, this additional time is just not convenient for many families.
  • Spoilage - Because of the fragility of produce, it can easily spoil in the refrigerator if not used immediately. This can lead to people having to throw out food that was expensive to buy in the first place.
  • Peer pressure - Many children don't make the choice to eat vegetables when offered because their friends aren't eating them. And because they're longing to fit in, they often will make poor eating choices.

    • Most of us just aren't eating vegetables because we're not in the habit of including a veggie with every meal anymore. But while this seems like as good a reason as any, you are missing out on the benefits that vegetables can give your body.

      The Benefits of Getting Your Veggies

      Eating more healthfully is the first step towards creating a body that is strong and fit. Here are just some of the reasons why eating

      vegetables should be your highest priority:

      • Vegetables are cheap - When bought in season, you can find a wide variety of vegetables at any local supermarket for low prices. If you find that the prices keep rotating, then keep changing the vegetables you are eating. It will keep you from getting bored and your wallet from getting lighter.
      • Vegetables give you energy - By balancing the nutrients in your body, you will be able to have more energy over longer periods of time. Instead of the sugar spikes and crashes of processed foods, you will be able to enjoy long lasting energy resources.
      • Vegetables help prevent disease - By helping maintain a healthy and strong immune system, you can have fewer colds and other sicknesses throughout the year.
      • Vegetables can help prevent cancers - Studies are showing that the vitamins, minerals, and fiber in veggies are helping to protect the body from cancer and cancerous growths.
      • Vegetables can aid in weight loss - By filling you up with fewer calories, vegetables can make dieting a lot easier on your body.

      But this is just a short list of all of all the benefits your body can enjoy.

      How to Add More Vegetables to Your Life

      If you're having troubles adding vegetables to your plate, here are a few simple ways to get the recommended 5 servings a day.

      • Add a few veggies to your eggs in the morning or a half a cup of canned spinach
      • Drink vegetable juice or juice mix instead of fruit juice. Whole vegetable juice mixes - without added sugar and salt --are now available. These can be added to soups, sauces, even rice or tuna.
      • Try adding veggies to the top of pizza and in your tomato sauces for pastas
      • Try one new vegetable a week
      • Try frozen and canned vegetables for a more convenient meal

      Adding veggies to your plate doesn’t have to be a time consuming or a labor intensive process. But you still have to make the choice to load up with these nutritious ingredients.

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      Grant Eckert
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